Mystery Hillbillies Hats!

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I am so happy to begin the journey of merch with these cool hats! Over the winter I collaborated with the very excellent artist and photographer Jessica D Cowles (from Lansing, MI) on a silhouette of me rocking my Gretch, hippie cowgirl fringe boots, and my fabulous hair- including my streak of grey. Now I have begun to apply this fabulous art to products.

I found these cool hats on a print-on-demand site. That means we can order them one at a time! I will get a selection of them to carry with me at gigs and gatherings, so if I see you somewhere you can buy one directly. At some point before too long, I will be setting up a store on my site so people can order them directly. For now, though, I can arrange to get one mailed to you. The payment options I have available to do that, for now, are Paypal, Venmo, or sending me a check via snail mail. If you are ready to order one, send me an email at or a FB message to my personal or music page, let me know what color you want and how many, how you want to pay, and your address. I will get back to you asap and we will make it happen!


These lovely ball caps are all cotton and beautifully made. They have my fabulous logo on the front and Mystery Hillbillies embroidered on the right side. The size is adjustable with a strap and buckle system. The buckle unsnaps for easy adjustment, then snaps back in place. The leftover strap slides into a sweet little pocket in the rim, so it’s out of the way and contained. The strap is long enough to fit a wide range of head sizes. Price is $30 each plus $5 shipping. I have some stickers, too. Those are $3 each, two for $5, or $2 each if you buy them with a hat.


I really love these hats and have already sold a bunch of them. What fun! Here are some photos of the style, snap feature, and what each color (burgundy, grey, denim blue, black) looks like with the logo. Aren’t they great?! You know you need one. Or you know someone who does.

Hats come in burgundy, grey, denim blue, or black. $30 plus $5 shipping. Contact me at or fb message my personal or music page. Payment options (for now) are PayPal, Venmo, or personal check via snail mail.


Stickers are 3×3″ plain, or 3×4″ with flowers $3 each, two for $5, $2 each with hat purchase.


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