Spring on the creek trail photo tour

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My trail along the creek is essential to my sanity, a great place to exercise and stretch, and a source of beauty in my world. My dog Munchie helps make sure I visit it often. She is always ready to go. I’ve been watching things bloom out there over the last several days, and I want to share some of the fun with you.

Sweet Shrub aka Spice Bush
mystery flowering bush
mystery flowering bush close-up

Foam Flower


The sweet shrub remind me of old gardens. They smell deliciously fragrant at random times, alternating with times where they have no smell at all. I can’t figure out a pattern to predict when they will or won’t be fragrant. I love the color. I am not sure what the bush is called that has the white flower clusters, but it is lovely, especially up close. Foam flower is an NC native. I used to have some transplanted to my yard, but I have not seen it yet this year. I’m hoping it didn’t get overtaken by the vinca.


Wild azalea just starting to bloom.
a little more open
almost there
fully open

I have been watching these wild azaleas open over the last several days.

my sweet Munchie
sparkling in the evening light
Munchie in the May apples
May apple flower


My sweet girl, Munchie is at her most relaxed when we are in the woods just hanging out and walking the trail. In the late afternoon, the sun shimmers on the ripples of water in the creek. The May apple flowers have been out for about a week or more.


I used to spend a lot of time at my old friends, Rick and Carol’s house near Traverse City, Michigan. It sat on a hill overlooking a big swamp. In the dark, you could sometimes see flashes of light down there.


Rick, a sculptor of mythical creatures who kind of resembles one himself, had an explanation. He said the fairies and leprechauns would have parties, and whenever someone came along, they would disappear in a poof.


Whenever I see these may apple leaves blanketing the floor of the woods, I imagine little mythical creatures who are out at a giant bazaar marketplace, shopping and visiting, and they suddenly turn invisible when I walk through.

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